API Documentation

All API requests must be made with api_key, which is displayed when you login to your account at our website.

Format of API request should be as follows:

URL: https://ocrapi.io/[email protected]&URL=https://ocrapi.io/static/logo.png Image: https://ocrapi.io/[email protected]&image= ....

Parameters to be passed

  • URL - should be set to URL of image
  • image - should be set to base64 representation of image
  • api_key - should be set to API key that is displayed when you login to the dashboard

API output

API will return results in json format. Example output:

      "text":"PROBLEM Now we are creating an OCR for handwritten Bengali text. The main problem arises due to the fact that we are doing it for handwritten text. So our sample set is very infinite. Also different samples have different characteristics. ",

Our API will respond with error code if missing information or if the parameter(s) will be invalid.

Error codes

  • Missing URL - you have not set the URL parameter
  • Missing image - you have not set the image parameter
  • Invalid api key - API key is missing or is invalid. You can get the API key with login to the dashboard

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